Friends and Links

Here is a little space we’d like to dedicate to some of the good folk that are out there. 

B38/Unperpin Racing

The newest race team in Yorkshire, a young group of fast local lads who will be no doubt taking the road race scene by storm. Happy to be providing mechanical assistance amongst other support through their first full season in 2017. Definitely ones to keep an eye on. Find out more here  


Urban X / Yorkshire Mates Race Series.

Trev over at Urban X has long been arranging local races off his own back, getting people out on there bikes, and has been keeping racing fun and proper. Many of todays local pros have started off here and goes from strength so strength.

Check it out and get entered! >>>


University of Sheffield Cycling Club

We’re sponsoring the university cycling club helping them out where we can. Something that we hold close to our hearts is trying to give back to the sport we love so dearly so it great to be able to support grass roots cycling and racing at the same time. They are one of the largest and most successful university clubs in the country and are always racing/riding.

Check out what they are up to here >>>


Dan Mumby

Dan is a customer of ours who has set off on a truely inspirational journey. Equipped with a humble spesh hardrock and the usual touring gear he set off from Sheffield to ride through Europe and on into Africa. The simple goal of having and adventure and inspiring people to get out on their bikes! Good luck dude, we’ll see you when your back in the steel city! Catch up with what Dan is up to here:


Sheffield shopper society

Sheffield first and only shopper club. Go have a look there some funny vids and all the info on the club!


Recycle Bikes – Sheffield

Doing good work on more than one level and always willing to help anyone out, the guys at recycle bikes up at the heeley development trust in Sheffield are bob on, pop in and see them if you
get chance, its a real gem.


Harland Cafe

What is it with biking and cafes? We just love em don’t we? Conveniently we are located right next to the best cafe in Sheffield, ever the savior for an early morning caffeine boost win! Why not get your bike repaired whilst chill-axing and having coffee and cake.