The reason we work with bikes is because we ride them, all types, all over the place. We commute, race, organise rides, go on holiday with bikes, intact if you can get a bike involved in any aspect of life we usually do. So weather you want to come out on a social ride or get in evolved in racing get in touch and come join us.


Social Rides

We arrange regular social rides, if you’re interested in coming out for a pedal with us then head over to our Facebook page and follow us for updates on when we are heading out.

Were always out and about in the peak district and the Sheffield area, follow us on Facebook for the latest cycles in motion riding!

We are also on Strava, head over and join our club page HERE for a bit of good humoured competitiveness!


Showing Hans Ray around the peak


Trail bliss


Good honest hike a bike ‘product testing’ in the lakes


Bit more exotic than owler bar



Longer days = longer rides










Racing is a great way to push it out there a little, testing human and machine. Its great fun and a great testing ground for our bikes, its also good to support others in their passion. We compete in variety of disciplines and our bikes have shown their colours across the board, real world testing speaks for itself. If your interested in racing, competing, having a bike built or a bit of advice please come join us and get in touch, keep up to date with the latest news over on Facebook!



Dan on the hardtail at the 2016 Tour de Ben Nevis in glorious Scottish weather.

Nikki winning gold at the european long distance triathlon champs aboard her custom steel build.

Rick at the 2016 nation hill climb champs, proving steel bikes do actually climb.

Super audax bike, ridden in Paris-Breast -Paris as well as the fastest bike in the national audax champs!

Real world testing the versatility of the tig welded super commuter at a cross race, gold bell and all!

Pushing on at the mam nick hill climb on the steel shark, securing a 3rd over all in the north midlands series. Moody